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Cyclists find five puppies buried in hole, give them a ride to save their lives

It’s always nice to hear about people going above and beyond to aid animals in need.

When a cyclist discovered a group of five puppies who had been abandoned, he went above and beyond to assist them, providing them with a ride and assisting them in finding homes.

Thyago Costa Silva, a professional cyclist from Brazil, was training with friends. However, a surprising and depressing sight in the midst of nowhere prompted them to change course.

The cyclists discovered five puppies buried in a pit. “Someone dug the hole and left them there to pass away,” Tyago told The Dodo. “They were weak and couldn’t escape.”

The cyclists were horrified and disturbed by the scene, unable to comprehend that someone would be so cruel to the tiny puppies.

They realized they needed to help. After pulling over, they provided them food and drink. Tyago’s Instagram account features a video of him offering water from his bottle to the thirsty puppies.

“They just wanted to survive,” he added.

After providing them with water, the cyclists went a step further, putting the puppies in their shirts and bicycling 12 miles to enlist their cooperation.

Tyago went even further, taking the five puppies into his own home to further care for them.

“It was very emotional,” Tyago told The Dodo. “I took them home and took care of them.”

He still couldn’t believe the cruelty they faced but hoped that the puppies could soon find new homes. “I hope they get a home, get owners who have a real heart,” he wrote on Instagram.

Fortunately, the puppies’ sad story has a happy ending: they have all found forever homes owing to Tyago’s assistance.

“They will have a better life,” the biker assured The Dodo. “I am confident they will be well taken care of. “This makes me very happy.”

Tyago says he’s received a lot of acclaim and attention for saving the dogs, but he believes it was just the right thing to do.

“I didn’t do it for the media, I don’t need it, I did it for love, I did it as any other good-hearted human being would,” he said to his account.